Anne C. Leone

343 O’Shaughnessy, University of Notre Dame, IN 46556



Research Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, 2013-current

Associate Director of Italian Studies at Notre Dame, 2013-current 


PhD in Italian, University of Cambridge, 2011

MPhil in European Literature and Culture, University of Cambridge, 2005

Final Course Mark: 74 (Distinction/First); Dissertation: 77 (Distinction/First)

BA in Literature (Italian focus) with Distinction, Yale University, 2003


Gates Cambridge Scholarship, 2006 – 2010 (full funding for PhD living expenses and tuition of ~ £80k)

Overseas Research Studentship Award, Cambridge University Trust, 2006-2009 (covers difference in cost of overseas and home fee tuition rates for PhD of ~ £35k)

Osborn Research Studentship, Cambridge, 2006-2009 (full funding for PhD made honorary, due to the Gates award)

Yale Department of Comparative Literature Scholarship for Summer Research (undertaken in Italy), 2002

Scholarship for Summer Research, Timothy Dwight College, Yale University (undertaken in Italy), 2001

Academic Areas of Interest

Dante; blood, natura and female figures in medieval science, poetry and theology; medieval receptions of the classical tradition; ancient and medieval philosophy, medicine and alchemy; critical theory


“Communal and Economic Implications of Blood in Dante,” Italian Studies, 2 (2016): 1-22

“ ‘Tante voci tra quei bronchi’: Authorial Agency and Textual Borrowing in Inferno XIII,” Le Tre Corone, 2 (2015): 111-30

“Women, War and Wisdom: the 18s,” in Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy, vol. 2 ed. by George Corbett and Heather Webb (Open Book Publishers, 2016)

In progress –

     Dante and Blood in the Medieval Context, monograph based on Doctoral dissertation

     Dante’s Theology in Tantur, monograph on theology in Dante, based on Summer Seminar at Tantur Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem, 2012: co-editor with Christian Moevs, Vittorio Montemaggi and Matthew Treherne

“Hirsute Words: Parchment-making in Dante’s Works”

      Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana, invited lecture on Inferno XXII, May 2011 (chapter in volume of series)

“Myrrh, Myrtle, Mary and Myrrha: Classical and Christian Intersections in Dante’s Comedy

Reviews –

     The Wings of the Doves: Love and Desire in Dante and Medieval Culture by Elena Lombardi (McGill-Queens University Press, 2012), reviewed in University of Toronto Quarterly, 83:2 (Spring 2014): 537-39

     Dante’s Commedia: Theology as Poetry, ed. by Vittorio Montemaggi and Matthew Treherne (University of Notre Dame Press, 2010), reviewed in Medium Aevum, 80:1 (2011): 185

     La Metafora in Dante, ed. by Marco Ariani (Olschki, 2008), reviewed in Medium Aevum, 79:1 (2010): 189

Graduate Work –

Doctoral dissertation, supervised by Zygmunt G. Barański at the University of Cambridge: “ ‘Sangue perfetto’: Scientific, Sacrificial and Semiotic Blood in Dante” (made available to read in the Cambridge University Library, 2011)

MPhil dissertation, supervised by Zygmunt G. Barański: “ ‘Uscivan insieme’: Blood and Breath in Dante’s Commedia,” Grade: 77, Distinction/First

Contributed to translation of chapters in Interpreting Dante: Essays on the Traditions of Dante Commentary, ed. by Paola Nasti and Claudia Rossignoli (University of Notre Dame Press, 2013)

Teaching and Research Experience

Research Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Italian Studies, Notre Dame, July 2013-current:

Teaching: “Blood: A Cultural History” (spring, 2016) – developed and taught course on blood and critical methods of literary analysis; “Passage to Italy” (fall, 2016) – taught the program’s ‘bridge course’, designed to facilitate the transition from language acquisition to literary analysis in Italian; guest-teaching in various classes; Dante Now – leading Dante workshops for all three hundred language students each year.

      Research: publishing articles on blood, female figures and material culture in Dante; writing monograph on blood; co-editing monograph on Dante’s theology.

      Administration: coordinating events (lecture series, public performances, guest speaker visits, international conferences/seminars); coordinating graduate exchange; managing websites; overseeing PR; community engagement and outreach; prospective student outreach; financial management (plan budgets, file expenses); writing annual reports; supervising temporary employees and graduate work; administrating fellowships for graduate students and faculty.

      Service: advising graduate and undergraduate students on papers, articles and graduate school applications and scholarships; regular member of endorsement committee for Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell scholarships; advise students on applications for Gates, Truman and other prestigious scholarships.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Notre Dame, August 2011 – June 2013: research, teaching Italian language classes (beginning and intensive), administrative work

Supervisor, Introduction to Italian: Texts and Contexts, Department of Italian, Cambridge University, 2008-2009: texts ranged from medieval to modern period and included diverse media, e.g. film, painting, memoir

Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Dante Studies, University of Leeds, April 2009

Teacher and Managing Director, Saes: Seminar for Advanced English Studies, Cambridge, UK, summer 2010

Violin/Music Teacher: Kent Place School, NJ; The Hudson School, NJ, 2003-2004; freelance, 1996-2004

Math Teacher, Director of Arts, Director of Recruitment, Ulysses S. Grant Foundation, New Haven, CT, 2000-2001

Events Coordinating and Conference Organization

Coordinator of –

Notre Dame Rome Seminar 2017: “Ireland and Italy: Intersections,” with Barry McCrea, the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway, the Nanovic Institute of European Culture & the Keough-Nauton Institute for Irish Studies

“Reconsidering Dante and Brunetto Latini (and Bono Giamboni),” Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway, May 2017: a meeting of scholars from Germany, Italy, the US and the UK

Notre Dame Rome Seminar 2016: “Rome and the Jubilee,” with Ingrid Rowland, the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway & the School of Architecture

“Two Days in Paradise,” Rome, May 2016: a meeting of scholars from Germany, Italy, the US and the UK

Notre Dame Rome Seminar 2015: “Philology Among the Disciplines,” with the Department of Classics and the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study

Notre Dame Rome Seminar 2014: “American Catholicism in a World Made Small,” with the Cushwa Center

“Dante’s Other Works” 2015: a year-long lecture series at Notre Dame by visiting scholars on the “minor” works

“Dante’s Intellectual Formation”: a conference at Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway, March 2014

Notre Dame International Summer Seminar on Dante’s Theology, Jerusalem, June 2013

“Dante’s Theology in Poetry, Practice and Society”: conference sponsored by Italian Studies at Notre Dame and the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies, Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway, June 2013

Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy: teleconferenced workshop series with Cambridge and Leeds, 2012-2016

Dante Now!: annual event of training workshops culminating in public performances of Dante’s Comedy by Italian students and members of the public, 2012-2016

Organizer of panel, “Dante e la legge natural,” American Association for Italian Studies Conference, May 2012

Public Relations

Manage Italian Studies at Notre Dame website; co-manage the Devers Program website

Publish and distribute digital announcements on list-serves, electronic databases, websites, and online calendars

Oversee design, content and dissemination of printed publicity materials for ISND-sponsored events and programs

Worked with a team to design and build a new website for the Devers Program, 2014-2015

With Theodore Cachey and Communications team, facilitated production and publication of Roman Walks: nine walking tours of Rome, designed and contextualized with historical research by Chiara Sbordoni. 2013-2014

Manage email accounts for the Rome Seminar and Italian Studies at Notre Dame

Manage relations with alumni of Italian Studies at Notre Dame

Financial Management

Draw up budgets for Italian Studies at Notre Dame and the Devers Program in Dante Studies, 2013 – current

Manage payment of the Italian Program’s expenses: file travel reimbursements for guest speakers, conference participants and graduate students (who receive research awards); manage payment of honoraria, consulting fees and other expenses (catering, meals, travel, lodging, publicity, venue/room reservations, etc.)


Endorsement Committee for Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell candidates, 2014

Practice interviewer and application advisor for Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates, Truman and Fulbright applicants, with the Notre Dame Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement, fall 2013- present

Advise informally former and current students about graduate school; write letters of recommendation for graduate school and study abroad programs, fall 2011 – present

Committee for Development of Internship Opportunities for Notre Dame study abroad students in Rome, 2013

Peer reviews for journals

Invited Lectures and Conference Participation

“Blood in Dante: Violence, Sacrifice, Redemption,” American Association for Italian Studies Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, April 2016

Discussant at Notre Dame’s Spring Seminar, “Two Days in Paradise,” Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway, May 2016

“Economic and Communal Implications of Blood in Dante,” Italian Research Seminar, Notre Dame, August 2015

“Why Dante?” A Panel Discussion with Zyg Barański, Christian Moevs, Vittorio Montemaggi and Anne Leone, Notre Dame, October 2015

“Sloth, Seduction, and Song: Inferno XVIII, Purgatorio XVIII, Paradiso XVIII,” Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy, University of Cambridge, October 2014, recorded and published online

“What’s Wrong With This Picture? Readings Dante’s Hell,” Public Lecture with Theodore Cachey and Christian Moevs for Dante Now! A Divine Comedy Flashmob, Notre Dame, October 2014-2016

“Blood in Dante and Medieval Science,” The Blood Conference: Theories of Blood in Late Medieval and Early Modern English Literature and Culture, St Anne’s College, Oxford, January 2014

Discussant at Notre Dame’s Spring Seminar, “Dante’s Intellectual Formation,” Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway, March 2014

“Theological Implications of Blood of in the Commedia,” Conference on “Dante’s Theology in Poetry Practice and Society,” Notre Dame London Global Gateway, June 2013, organized by Italian Studies at Notre Dame and the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies

“Perverted Incarnation in Inferno XIII,” International Summer Seminar on Dante’s Theology, Tantur Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem, June 2013

“Seeds of Sin and Goodness: Human Nature in Convivio,” 48th Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2013

“Distillation and Digestion in Dante,” Italian Research Seminar, Notre Dame, April 2013

“Scriptural Allusions in Inferno XIII,” American Association for Italian Studies Conference, Eugene, OR, April 2013

Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy, leader of teleconference workshop on Inferno IV, January 2013

“Blood and Smoke: Perversions of Nature in the Commedia,” American Association of Italian Studies Conference, May 2012

Lectura Dantis, University of St Andrews, filmed and broadcast public lecture on Inferno XXII, May 2011

“Potentiality in the Commedia and Convivio,” Italian Research Seminar, Cambridge, March 2011

“Sacrifice in Latin Epics & Dante’s Commedia,” 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, 2010

“L’ardor del sacrificio,” Dante’s Volume from Alpha to Omega, Yale, 2010 (invited but unable to attend conference)

“Violent Inspiration: the Figure of Marsyas in Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Dante’s Paradiso,” Seminar at the Centre for Dante Studies, University of Leeds, April 2009

“An Introduction to Blood in Dante,” Dante Salon, University of Leeds, April 2009

“Blood as Literary Influence and Literal Genealogy: Dante on His Poetic Predecessors,” 26th Annual New England Medieval Studies Consortium: Authority and the Book in Medieval Culture, April 2009 (invited, unable to attend)

“Blood, Breath, Seeds and Song: Fertile Wounds,” Queens Arts Seminar, University of Cambridge, October 2009

Joint Session of the Early, Central and Medieval Workshops, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge: panel discussion on blood in the Middle Ages, February 2009

“Christ and Language in Dante,” Joint Presentation with Vittorio Montemaggi, Italian Research Seminar, University of Cambridge, 2008

“Conception in the Commedia,” Joint Postgraduate Training Program (partnership of the Italian Departments of the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Reading, Royal Holloway and University College London), March 2007

Other Administrative and Research Experience

External Relations Manager: Development, Academy of Ancient Music, Cambridge, UK: events-planning, managing donor relationships, 2011

President and Co-Founder with writer Kevin Jackson of the Sidney Sussex Vampire Seminar, a film and lecture series featuring renowned guests Sir Christopher Frayling, Kim Newman and Matt Thorne, et al., 2006-2010

International Students Officer, MCR, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, 2008-2009

Events Coordinator, MCR (Graduate Student Society), Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, 2007-2008

Research Assistant, Department of Peace Studies, Colgate University, 2005-2006

Founder, Director and Coordinator of the Proserpina Music Festival, Sicily, 2004

Research Assistant to Professor of Archaeology, Rebecca Miller Ammerman of Colgate University, Paestum, 2003

Organizer and performer, Chenango Summer Music Festival, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 2000 and 2002

Legal Research Assistant, American Civil Liberties Union: Drug Policy Litigation Project, New Haven, CT, 2001-2002: worked on Board of Education v. Earls, 122 S.Ct. 2559, United States Supreme Court, Washington DC

Research Assistant, Drug Policy Alliance, Oakland, CA, March 2002

Independent Research: Save the Lake Movement, Enna, Sicily, 2001: research on political environmental activism

Research Assistant, Office of Mr. Robert Mann, Criminal Defense Attorney, Providence, RI, March 2000